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About me

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Cool statement
It is fascinating to be a part of the digital, fast changing, disrupting world that we live in. Especially when you look at it through "designer" glasses.

Impacting others around the globe and getting impacts from others is what keeps me going everyday to strive for the best solution to a problem, to make life a bit easier and even more exciting (and beautiful).
Current work
I am currently working for Hinderling Volkart AG as an Experience Designer and teach at the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz UX and Design.
Clients I worked for
Art Project 2018
The competition
Mehr als wohnen in Oerlikon asked artists what a contemporary mural could look like on a building in their residential area.
Idea & Concept
Our idea was to combine the digital world with the real one. So we created a concept for a mural that has a twist. By scanning the mural with the Monociel App, the user is able to dive into the lively memories of the residents and gets both a real world experience and one digitally. That was the key for winning this big competition.
After scanning the mural with the app and augmented reality opens up and the user is able dive into a, what we call a rabbit hole. In this virtual space, residents are able to share moments, events, thoughts. Everything in chronological order. As a passerby, I get insights of the interactions of this Hunziker areal.

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Bézier and Co.
Potpourri of work
There is a huge fascination for moving picture for me. I grew up with no TV so I compensated it afterwards with binge watching and starting to record video my own, I guess.
If the storytelling, the timing, the grading, the sound is right, there is no better medium to transport emotions, ideas or concepts.
I had the chance to be part of the advertisement shoot for the Hülse Beer in Luzern.
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